Mustangs, Fillies and the bigger issue: What’s their history?



October 31, 2019 - 10:04 AM

I commend this student (Allie Utley) for raising a question that has started many conversations. If she is seeking a future in journalism, she will go far with her inquisitive nature.

The student’s question has brought forward a couple of topics that I would like to touch upon. Before I share my thoughts on her article, I think it is important that I pose my own question. Can Marv the Mustang continue to be the name of Iola’s mascot? Marvin Smith was a truly great teacher and I understand an inspiring coach.  He deserves to forever hold a place in Iola’s history.

In full disclosure, my opinion on this matter stems from my childhood memories. I grew up in Iola and was a Mustang myself, although not what I would consider an athlete. My athletic “career” ended after freshman year when I came to the logical conclusion that my time was better spent practicing color guard than sitting on a bench.  

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