My fantasy game of ‘Cancer Jeopardy’



October 15, 2019 - 10:33 AM

In my fantasy game of “Jeopardy,” I choose “Diseases No One Wants” for $200. The clue reads, “Cancer.” I buzz in immediately. “What is the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells?” Alex Trebek knowingly nods his head as he replies “Correct.” I move onto “Side Effects” for $400. The clue pops up: “Nausea, Fatigue and Anxiety.” I buzz in again. “What are common side effects of chemotherapy?”

Next up “Stupid Platitudes” for $600. I’ve hit on the daily double and must decide how much I’m willing to wager. What do I have to lose? I’ve already come this far. I put it all on the line. The clue: “You’ll beat this thing because you are a fighter.” I smile at the inanity of the remark, “What is a ridiculous cliche most cancer patients will hear from a well-meaning friend or relative?”

I have good cause for feeling as if this episode of “Jeopardy” is a rerun. Eighteen years ago, I had breast cancer. This time around it is lung cancer. Might this qualify me as a contestant for Double Jeopardy?

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