Nation’s leaders failing the people who feed us



December 10, 2019 - 10:10 AM

Farmers and ranchers have enough of their own challenges — fickle weather, food labeling concerns and how to cater to consumers’ evolving tastes, just to name a few. What they don’t need are additional woes from Washington, D.C. But that’s what they’re getting, in bulk supplies.

In what should be a banner year for Kansas farmers, with plentiful rain and high production, they tell The Star that prices and profitability have been sharply and artificially depressed due to trade wars and legislative lethargy.

“So far, I see no progress,” says Republican Kansas state Rep. Don Hineman, a farmer himself. There have been promises of progress in trade negotiations, but Hineman says farmers are feeling like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football that keeps getting pulled away.

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