Putin is not invincible; but it’s up to the West to convince him so



March 13, 2018 - 9:07 AM

A father and daughter remain in critical condition in a British hospital after being poisoned with nerve gas. Telltale signs of the crime point to Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, out to seek vengeance against defectors.

The father in this case is Sergei Skripal, 66, a former Soviet spy who became a double agent, selling secrets to Britain. When Skripal’s double life was discovered he was sent to a Russian gulag in 2006. In 2010, he won his release through a spy swap with England, where he returned to quietly live in Salisbury.

That is until a week ago Monday, when he and daughter, Yuria, 33, were found in an incoherent state on a park bench. The police officer that assisted the two is also being hospitalized because of his contact with the potent nerve gas. He remains in serious condition.

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