Sharing in success



June 8, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Register editor

Lots more people now know a little more about life in Allen County thanks to a feature article on Thrive Allen County in the recent Kansas Alumni magazine. The quarterly publication circulates to the 42,000 alumni of the University of Kansas, and it’s not a stretch to say they live the world over.

As Thrive’s CEO and a graduate of KU, David Toland was the centerpiece of the eight-page feature in the glossy magazine. Toland touted not only the ease of living in small town America, such as being able to ride a bike around town, but also its challenges, evidenced by its high rate of poverty, lack of affordable housing, and poor health outcomes.

Ever since Thrive began in 2007, a primary goal has been to make Allen County a healthier place to live. That’s come in fits and starts. Yes, we have more opportunities through the rail trails, farmer’s market and a local bike shop, but lifestyle changes are difficult and it takes time to move the needle.

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