Transportation dept. expands outreach to planes, trains & trails



August 29, 2019 - 10:27 AM

The Kansas Department of Transportation is fanning out across the state to hear local voices as it updates the state’s Long Range Transportation Plan. That’s a smart move on the part of KDOT, as community residents across the state know firsthand where the needs are in their towns, cities and rural areas.

With eight meetings held in 10 days — and another swath promised for later in the year — that means residents have no excuse. If you have a burning desire to speak with KDOT officials, or see a need in your backyard that simply cannot wait, raise your voice. Take the responsibility of being an informed, engaged citizen.

“We want to go back around and talk with people to see if we missed any projects or if there are other projects that have emerged so that we can consider the full suite of projects as we go forward,” said Secretary of Transportation Julie Lorenz, according to The Salina Journal’s Eric Wiley. “A need in one community’s eyes may be a want in another community’s eyes.”

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