Want to stage a revolution? Then vote!



August 12, 2019 - 10:02 AM

I took a walk the other day. Usually, when I take a walk, I let my mind relax and just enjoy nature. Instead, I found myself thinking harder than I normally do.

When Humanity House was in the “thinking about it” stage, we wanted to take a holistic approach to addressing poverty. I knew that just helping someone with food or someone else with utilities, putting gas in someone’s car, or finding a coat for someone, wasn’t going to solve anything.

Poverty is also about being lonely. Not only is poverty lonely, but it can make a person feel invisible. People who are poor often feel powerless. Why wouldn’t they? America has always been a country that grew from the wilderness and became the most prosperous country in the world. Great pride is taken in that fact. What is forgotten by most, and especially by people who are poor, is that this country was built on the backs of the enslaved and the poor. Even today, those who are skittering on the edge of the abyss that is poverty are keeping this nation running. 

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