Yes, Baltimore needs help, but it’s not helpless



August 20, 2019 - 10:26 AM

We offer our thanks to the volunteers from out of state who came to Baltimore to clear trash and found themselves helping save two apparent overdose victims. They were here to do a good deed and wound up doing an even better one.

The incident comes amid a period of great national scrutiny of Baltimore’s problems, fueled by President Donald Trump’s tweets mocking the city, and it says a couple of things about the true nature of what’s going on here that much of the national discussion has missed.

First, one of the volunteers happened to be a former police officer who knew how to administer the anti-overdose medication naloxone because the opioid epidemic is a problem everywhere — in Florida and New York, where the volunteers came from, in big cities, in suburbs and in rural communities. The problem may be particularly concentrated in some parts of Baltimore, but its character is the same everywhere.

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