At Week’s End: Even aliens need to find a rest stop



March 31, 2017 - 12:00 AM

My old Ranger shook ever so slightly as the object, with a ring of amber lights on its circular edge, cut through the dark sky and came near.
I had been in Iola for a meeting and was headed home, taking a country road shortcut that saves maybe a half mile. I had just topped a rise when the incident occurred.
I was startled, but not frightened. I slowed and thought about getting out for a better look. But, as it is with the Ranger, the inside door handle had recently broken and the only way for me to exit is by rolling down the window — a difficult task with part of the window handle missing.
The object was large enough to make going any farther impossible, it having descended to a foot or two above the roadway. I decided just to see what was going to happen, rather than back up to escape.
I did reach to the floorboard and pick up an old butcher knife. No sense in not being prepared.
It seemed like we had faced off for quite some time, although it probably was just a minute or two. When something so unusual occurs, time compresses as the unknown generates all sorts of possibilities.
Then, a small opening appeared in the lower side of the craft, and a small stairway plopped down. A small being, maybe four feet tall and wearing a suit that shimmered in the truck’s lights, trotted down the stairs. He, she or it had an oblong head with what appeared to be eyes in vertical slits and a small mouth.
The being looked in my direction and with a look of disgust and a nod of its head the truck’s engine died and headlights dimmed.
Meanwhile, the little thing went behind a bush to the side of the road. When it returned — I swear it looked relieved — it glanced at me, and scooted back inside the craft. The opening disappeared and the saucer-shaped vehicle quickly left.
I turned the ignition key, the truck fired up and the lights brightened. I drove on home, fearing ridicule if I were to report what had occurred. But, after some thought I decided I should get it off my chest.
Oh, happy April Fool’s Day.

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