Credit Iola youths for the ’Cats triumph


February 16, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Events have consequences.
Monday afternoon, an e-mail went out from 4 Eagle Dr. in Iola to a K-State athlete’s dormitory in Manhattan:
“Hey, Jake. Just wanted to clue you in. Colby will be there tonight. Abby Lynn, too. Have a good one. Fred and Judy.”
Jacob Pullen listened. “Colby and Abby, both of ’em. I’ll give ’em a show, I will,” he surely said to himself.
Did he ever. Career high 38 points! Five of six three pointers. Wow.
Give Colby credit. (Or blame, if you’re the Rock Chalk sort.)
Fred and Judy Works, that’s dad and mom, had tickets for the game. Son Colby really wanted to see it up close and on scene. He didn’t throw a tantrum. That wouldn’t be Colby. But he did use every rhetorical flourish a bright 13-year-old can muster — that’s an awful lot, maybe enough to give the next Middle East revolution a running start.
“You won’t have to give me anything else for Christmas!” was the crowning vow.
So Judy and Fred (model parents who truly know what’s important in life) decided they could watch the game on the screen in the K-State Student Union while Abby and Colby watched in the stands.
And that, dear reader, is all anyone needs to know about Monday night’s basketball game and what winning really means.

— Emerson Lynn, jr.

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