Hi tech fat watch



January 19, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Science is coming to the rescue of meltdowners who just can’t make the needle on their bathroom scales move in the right direction.
Wireless sensors have been developed which, when strapped onto a fat-fighter, keep track of how many minutes they work out, how much food they consume and even record if they visit a fast-food joint. The goal, promoters say, is to let the sensor do the reporting instead of depending on self-reported answers to questions which sometimes shade the truth a bit.
The sensors also record the wearers’ heart rates, stress levels and amount of physical activity and send the data to a cell phone.
The high-tech experiment is being used by scientists at the University of Southern California in Alhambra who are working with a group of overweight teenagers. Trainers know what the youngsters are doing while they have them in the building. The sensors will tell them how the weekend is spent. When the cell phone message reports they are probably flopped down in front of a television rather than running around the block, monitors will send them a “we-see-you” message and tell them to get moving.
A better, cheaper way to achieve the same results would be to persuade fat folks to eat less and move more. One way to do that is through horror stories: being too fat equals outsized risk of diabetes. Diabetes is an expensive, chronic,  life-limiting disease no one welcomes. It also is preventable for most. Stay active; stay trim; stay undiabetic.
Those who truly be-lieve they can’t get there from where they are can write to Pennington’s Ingestive Behavior Laboratory at the Alhambra university and ask head honcho Corby Martin to tell them where they can buy a strap-on monitor that can tell their cell phone what they already know, but have persuaded themselves isn’t really true.
Investing in those gadgets may be what it takes to get their attention.

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