[Readers’ forum] Sally Hutton not a cold case


June 2, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Low and behold, after 40 years I hear from a private investigator working Cold Case Kansas wanting any information, names, etc., on the matter of Sally Hutton.
They said that so far the only information they could get was from The Iola Register. They had contacted the Allen County Sheriff’s office, but could get no return calls or information. Why is that, I wonder?
Even after all these years, I have the feeling that someone out there knows something. And even if it’s something small it just might be enough to help in some way.
After all this time, I don’t have any hope for closure. But it is needed for the family. Was one little girl so unimportant to the local law?
She meant the world to her family. Our parents are both gone now, never knowing the truth. Never really getting to say good-bye to their baby girl.
Mother went into shock and was hospitalized over never seeing her little girl again. Daddy had a heart attack, but was at least able to attend the funeral. No one outside our family can know the heartache we all went through. And even after all these years, the family still has questions. We’d like some answers.
I have a letter received from the KBI telling me Sally’s file had been pulled as a priority cold case. Detective Brad Quartz  promised to keep me informed of anything pertaining to the case. I’ve yet to hear from him again. What’s the excuse?
Sally Hutton and Betty Cantrell’s deaths are still unsolved, and it’s a 40-year ordeal. In October it will be 41 years.
I don’t know the condition Betty’s body was found in, but I do know that of Sally’s — believe me, it’s not a sight I ever want to see again. And it hurts so much, even after all this time.
Now we’ve lost another and it’s beginning to look like, again, we’ll not see closure. Brian Trester left for work, never to be seen again. Not only did my children grow up without their Aunt Sally, now they have lost a cousin.
Again no answers from the local law enforcement. Has their search for this young man ended? Is he to become a 40-year mystery death too? Who can answer my questions?
I can’t help but feel someone, somewhere knows something. Are they too selfish, scared or flat don’t care about human life? Don’t ever think things like this only happen to others. Don’t wait until it comes knocking on your door. If you know anything, please call Raven Investigations at (785) 274-9035 or myself at (620) 437-2760.

Carolyn (Hutton) Henery
Madison, Kan.

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