[Readers’ forum] School cuts necessary


February 24, 2010 - 12:00 AM

I know this letter will upset people and might make some mad, but I feel I need to say it. School District 257 needs to cut costs like all the other districts.
First, we can start buses going from point to point by the straightest route. Don’t go three miles for one student. Some students may have to meet the bus at an intersection instead of the bus coming to them. Do not go up long lanes. We need to cut fuel costs.
We need to go back to the old gym classes, not bowling. I saw a bus going to the building trade’s class with one student. I think we should drop the building class and just have a wood and metal shop. If we built the houses complete, it might be different, but we have to contract so much of it out.
We use the buses for too many activities. When I was in school, we paid a dollar to go to out of town to watch a ball game. I believe in an activity fee  — pay to play — for each sport. We might start with a $25 fee. I know there’s a player that can’t afford the fees. You work it just like the lunch program, reduce the fees some and some could even play for free.
The students and parents will also help with all the cuts. We might even have to drop a sport, although it’s hard to make that kind of decision.
I also think we should close the alternative school in Gas and work those students back into the regular system. If they choose to drop out of school, it’s their choice.
The next step is wages for employees. Freeze them, no raise this year. Millions of Social Security people didn’t get a cost of living raise this year. I think everyone should tighten their belts somewhat.
We should try to keep the entire faculty for the sake of the students. Bigger classes and fewer teachers is not the answer as there will be less time to help the students that need it.
I know our buildings are getting old, especially the grade schools, but in our present economy, it’s cheaper to fix than build new. People can’t afford the higher taxes.
Hopefully, I haven’t upset too many people.

Bob Wayne
Iola, Kan.

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