Shelter should be county facility in word and deed


March 12, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Ever since its inception, the Allen County Animal Rescue Facility has been a misnomer.
That’s because Allen County can make no claim to supporting the animal shelter.
Yes, the shelter does take in strays from any resident of Allen County. But no, it does not receive any financial support for doing so.
Both the cities of Iola and Humboldt support the animal shelter by paying an $85 fee for each stray they bring to the shelter as well as any costs associated with medical charges.

AN ANIMAL shelter like ACARF speaks volumes about what kind of place southeast Kansas is, including:
* We are a region that takes care of stray and abandoned animals and are concerned about their welfare.
* Area children learn the importance of caring for pets and the rewards of nurturing them back to health through classes and volunteer opportunities at the shelter.
* For every spayed animal at the shelter, means dozens of births prevented down the road in the typical life of a female cat or dog.
* We are a progressive and healthy region. Animal welfare reflects on us as humans. Placing a high priority on an animal’s welfare shows we are a compassionate community — the kind of place where people would want to live.
ACARF is a positive force in Allen County. It’s a good news story we can report in our Chamber of Commerce brochures. It’s a bullet point in what we have going for in Allen County.
Still in its infancy, ACARF is like a newborn pup still on the teat. The county can help wean the center to a healthy state by agreeing to include it as a line item in its budget.
A drop in the bucket  for the county, could be the lifeblood for the fledgling non-profit.

— Susan Lynn

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