State Chamber shows its bias


April 30, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Wednesday the telephone rang at the house. A woman said she was calling for the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and wanted to know did I favor or oppose “those tax increases.” When told I favored them, she said, “thank you for your time” and hung up.
Today I looked in vain for a news report on the poll, which was worse than worthless.
The caller didn’t say what tax increases she was referring to, gave no information about the amount of the increase proposed, said not a word about how the additional money raised would be spent. No information worth having was provided; no information worth having could have been gathered.
That same morning’s mail brought a glossy, four-color mailing from the Chamber urging me to clip out a postcard on it that proclaimed in big type that any state tax increase would “sour” the Kansas economy and mail it to Rep. Bill Otto.
That double-message from Topeka led me to believe that the Kansas Chamber of Commerce is making no honest effort to discover how the people of Kansas feel about raising enough money to keep school funding level, keep the court system functioning five days a week, take care of the disabled and meet the other basic responsibilities our state government has to its citizens. Its anti-tax mailing shows clearly that the state C. of C. couldn’t care less what the people think.

— Emerson Lynn, jr.

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