Yes! Allen County Healthcare


October 13, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Voters will decide Nov. 2 whether to increase a countywide sales tax by 1⁄4 of a cent to go toward a new Allen County Hospital.
Members of the Allen County Healthcare Committee address questions about the issue.
Q: What will happen to the present hospital building if the voters approve the ballot initiative?
A: If voters approve a new hospital on Nov. 2, the present hospital will continue to serve the residents of Allen County for more than two years during the design and construction of a replacement hospital. The new facility on a new site would not be completed until late January of 2013, according to the timeline prepared by the consultants hired by the county. 
After completion of the new hospital, portions of the present complex still will be used for many years for medical clinics — such space is not provided for in the new hospital.  In particular, what was added in 1976 by Iola Industries, commonly called the doctors clinic, is expected to be used for some time in the future for medical clinics. 
A site with sufficient acreage to add medical clinics in the future is part of the plans for the proposed new hospital site. So at some point in the future, it is expected that a new Allen County Hospital would provide for adjacent clinic space for medical specialists to use and the old building would no longer be needed.
It is not known what Allen County would do with the structure when no longer used as a hospital or for medical clinics.  The fate of old hospitals in other communities varies.  Some have become housing for the elderly; some for college students.  Some have be-come office spaces.  Some hospitals have been demolished.   There is not a specific plan at this time for use of the hospital after the new one is built other than for the clinics already mentioned.
Only a few short weeks remain before the election. If you would like to help our voter information effort, write to “Yes Allen County Healthcare,” at A.C.B., Inc, 16 W. Jackson, Iola, KS 66749 or contact the Thrive Allen County office at 365-8128.

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