Crest’s Allen runs through the pain

Aubrey Allen is one tough runner. The freshman Lady Lancer placed in 24th overall at the 1A state meet in Wamego in October. With her arm in a splint.



November 8, 2022 - 3:22 PM

Crest freshman cross country runner Aubrey Allen (1015) runs with a splint on her arm during the state meet in 1A State meet in Wamego on Oct. 29 Photo by Kaitlyn Cummings

COLONY — Crest cross country runner Aubrey Allen helped her team take third place overall at the 1A state meet in Wamego last month… all with her arm in a splint. 

It’s impressive in itself that Allen was able to run the 5K race in 22 minutes — earning her 24th place — but even more so that she was able to do it with her arm bound up. The freshman had injured her elbow in P.E. class the week before the state meet when she went for a runaway ball and crashed into the cinder block wall.

According to Allen, she was able to retrieve an errant ball during a basketball game when she tripped.

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