Cubs celebrate seniors with style

Humboldt throttled West Franklin 48-6 to cap the 2022 regular season on a winning note. The Cubs will travel to Cherryvale next week to open the Class 2A playoffs.



October 21, 2022 - 11:59 PM

Humboldt head coach Logan Wyrick, center, poses with the senior class after the Cubs defeated West Franklin 48-6 Friday. The seniors are Maddox Johnson (50), Quenton Heisler (21), Dakota Slocum (14), Trey Sommer (34), River Kaufman (77) and William Kobold (52). Photo by Bob Johnson

HUMBOLDT — Trey Sommer looked a bit more chagrined than anything Friday.

With the game already well in hand, and Humboldt High nearing another touchdown, Sommer had barreled past a West Franklin tackler to secure a first down midway through the fourth quarter.

Sommer’s intention to allow himself to be tackled short of the goal line — in order to allow another teammate a chance to score — was short-circuited when a second West Franklin tackler challenged the burly HHS senior.

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