Hello! My name is…



June 10, 2019 - 11:25 AM

Erick Mitchell has joined the Iola Register as our new sports editor.

Three weeks ago I embarked on my journey to Iola for an interview with The Register. The day before my journey I had finally earned my degree from Beloit College on the border between Wisconsin in Illinois. So it?s safe to say I was hungry for work. 

I was asked to take a slight detour on my 20-plus hour journey home to San Antonio, Texas. I had never been to Kansas much less Iola and I definitely had no clue I was driving through what would turn out to be one of the harshest storms in years for the area!

As I got closer and closer to Iola, the rain came down harder and harder. My windshield was literally white and nearly impossible to see out of. I was supposed to spend the night in Chanute, but the detours were a challenge. Luckily enough, Mrs. Susan Lynn, Register publisher, provided me a place for the night which led to a job interview over a bowl of chicken stew and rosemary sourdough bread. 

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