KSHSAA assigns new rules for practice


August 8, 2018 - 10:12 AM

The Kansas State High School Activities Association announced on Tuesday that as of the start of fall practice, high schools across the state will be required to implement new heat acclimatization rules.
“During the summer months, exertional heat stroke is the leading cause of catastrophic athletic injury,” the press release said. “These new rules follow the guidelines that have been published and endorsed by the country’s leading sports medicine organizations.  A gradual and progressive system of early season practices combined with adequate rest periods can better reduce the risk of exertional heat stroke in athletes.”
According to the release, football, boys and girls cross country, boys soccer, girls volleyball, girls gymnastics, girls tennis and girls golf are permitted to only one practice per day for the first five days of practice.
No single practice can last longer than three hours and team activity (stretching, warm-ups and weightlifting) is considered a part of practice. In addition to that, a separate walkthrough is permitted in addition to the single practice. It must not be longer than an hour and must be separated from practice by at least three hours of rest.
A walkthrough is defined by the release as “a teaching opportunity with the athletes in which no protective equipment is worn. No physically exerting activity, including any conditioning or weight lifting, may take place during the walkthrough.”
After five days of single practice, individuals can move to double practice sessions but they cannot be held on consecutive days and each practice can last no longer than three hours and the total time of both practices cannot be longer than five hours.
In addition to the changes above, football had several more changes specifically relating to them.
Required rest days must only be used for injury treatment. Prior to the upcoming season, rest days could be used for team meetings, walk-throughs, conditioning or weightlifting.
KSHSAA also agreed to change how the first week of practice is laid out.
Day one and two of practice will be helmets only with air and bags only permitted. Days three and four allow teams to add shoulder pads with day three allowing control and day four permitting thud.
Day five will open the door for full contact with all forms of practice permitted with the exception that if a day involves multiple practices, it must only include thud and live action in one of them.
High schools across the state will begin practice in all sports on Monday.

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