NBA may be on cusp of plan for comeback

The NBA appears to be close to having the framework to resume play on its interrupted season by the coronavirus. How, when and where games will resume remain up in the air.



May 22, 2020 - 2:04 PM

Photo by Mike Stobel / Getty Images / TNS

Something is finally clear in the uncertain NBA: Players believe they’re going to play games again this season.

The obvious questions — How? Where? When? — remain unanswered. Testing, part of the new normal of this coronavirus era, will be a major component to any return-to-play plan that the NBA comes up with. The Disney campus near Orlando, Florida makes so much sense, given its massive size, multiple courts and its ties to league broadcast partner ESPN. And the sooner games begin, the sooner the process of figuring out next season can start as well.

Several people familiar with the details of the conversations have told The Associated Press this week that players around the league are being urged to start getting mentally and physically ready for training camps that could be just a few weeks away. It might not be a unanimously approved notion, but 2½ months into this pandemic-caused shutdown, the NBA finally seems on the cusp of being able to move forward.

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