ON THE MOVE: Area high school football teams are set for reclassification come 2018



September 27, 2017 - 12:00 AM

New class designations arrived for high school football teams across the state of Kansas on Tuesday.
The Kansas High School Activities Association released the new classifications for the 2018 and 2019 sports seasons including the new classifications for football that were passed this summer.
In those reclassifications, all but two of the area’s high schools experience some sort of change.
Iola football will be moving from 4A-II to 3A which sounds like a step down but really will work as more of a lateral move for the Mustangs.
“Essentially, yes, we are bumping down to 3A but it’s a lot of the same competition,” Iola football head coach David Daugharthy said. “We’re just gaining more teams from the old 3A like Caney Valley which could be in our division now. When you get down to it, it’s just a bigger version of 4A-II. So nothing really is going to change for us except that they’ll be a few more smaller schools in our division now.”
Mustang fans shouldn’t expect much of a change in the normal teams they run across as all seven of the Pioneer League teams also made the move down to 3A.
“I think we’ll see a lot of the same teams,” Daugharthy said. “I’m guessing Burlington, Anderson County and Girard will still be in our district. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.”
While the new 3A is gaining teams with the top 16 teams in size from the former 3A joining the 4A-II teams, the new 2A has gone from the biggest class with 64 teams to a more manageable 48.
Among that group is now 2A Humboldt who hopes that the thinning of the herd will provide more opportunities for postseason success.
“We’re always going to have the same goals no matter what,” Cubs head coach Logan Wyrick said. “I think the biggest thing that it does psychologically is now there’s less teams. I never really understood why the current 3A has 64 teams and everyone else has 32. That never made a whole lot of sense to me. We’re still going to be one of the bigger division but now we’re moving 16 of the biggest schools out of the division. You’d like to think it helps your chances but it’s not going to change a whole lot for us.”
Not all member of the Tri-Valley League made the trip down to 2A though as the Cubs conference foes Caney Valley stayed at 3A and Leon-Bluestem moved down to 1A. With those moves, district play could end up looking different for the Cubs come 2018.
“It kind of gives us a couple options as far our district,” Wyrick said. “Do we head north with Erie, Eureka, Jayhawk Linn, Central Heights and West Franklin or do we go west which is a possibility with Erie and Eureka again and schools like Douglas and Belle Plain. We’ll just have to see where it falls.”
In addition to Iola and Humboldt, Yates Center will move from 2A to 1A and Marmaton Valley will move down from Eight Man Division I to Division II.
Marmaton Valley is also the only area school to move classifications in sports other than football as they drop down from 2A to 1A, all other schools will remain in the classification that they were already in.
New district assignments will be handed out next Wednesday in the state football scheduling meeting in Salina.

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