Power to the players



July 8, 2019 - 10:40 AM

If you’ve read any article or listened to any TV/radio pundit about Kawhi Leonard’s free-agency decision, you probably thought he was going to L.A. And when I say L.A., I mean the purple and gold of the Lakers, not the Clippers red and blue. It seemed the writing was on the wall to be a Laker, but what Kawhi really wanted was the control. 

The NBA, unlike any other sport, has handed players the power. Kawhi told the Clippers and Raptors that he wanted to pair up with Oklahoma City’s Paul George. Both teams tried to make it happen, but OKC wanted too much from the newly crowned champion Toronto Raptors to make it happen. The Clippers gave Kawhi what he asked, and it’s safe to say Kawhi controlled the Clippers’ front office decisions. Rightly so, agree to disagree, but he may be the best player in the Association.

Why does this matter? Because in the NBA it is becoming more evident that the player holds the power over the front office unlike anything pro sport has seen before. Unemployment is way down, but are other business begging you to come work and fulfill the ompany’s duties? It seems unlikely. 

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