Student athletes work to overcome more than PR’s



March 7, 2019 - 10:20 AM

I would like to recognize Karen Perez, a friend of mine. In countless ways, she exemplifies the dedication, passion, and balance possessed by many Red Devils here in Iola. The daughter of immigrants, Karen is a first-generation citizen who has overcome significant barriers to pursue her dreams. 

Karen’s bravery in allowing me to even mention her family’s past is to be commended. Intent on escaping murder, kidnappings, and poverty, her parents came to America to give their children the opportunity for the American Dream. Years later, Karen’s best option to pay for college was via a cross-country and track scholarship, a scholarship contingent on her continued health and ability in her sport.

Since arriving on campus, Karen’s become an officer of Allen’s PTK Honors Society. She’s also the co-director of a newly founded Allen Art Club. Karen maintains balance through yoga, journaling, and running on the trails with her Adonis of a dog, Odin. She is also a skilled graphic designer working on a travel brochure for Iola and Thrive’s LaHarpe campaign. She aspires to work in the field of automotive design.

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