Summer workouts take shape

Iola High may only be enterring its second week of summer workouts, but the optimism for improvement is as high as ever for Mustangs head football coach David Daugharthy.



June 9, 2020 - 10:11 AM

Iola’s head football coach David Daugharthy leads athletes through a drill during Tuesday’s summer workouts at Iola High. Photo by Erick Mitchell / Iola Register

Athletics at Iola High have been on hold since boys tennis competed in an away tournament on March 12 at Independence. The COVID-19 pandemic may have ruined the spring season for athletes, but on the bright side, athletes still had the summer in sight. 

Summer workouts started June 1, and Mustangs head football coach Davd Daugharthy couldn’t be more excited to see what June and July have in store. 

“Being cooped up in quarantine is pretty rough,” Daugharthy said. “Just to be able to see the kids faces, and interact with them is more valuable to me than any workouts we do — but obviously workouts are fun.”

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