Tuesday rec results

Iola rec department softball and baseball scores from Tuesday.


July 10, 2024 - 2:29 PM

Palmer Knight, left, stretches as she leads off third base in a Junior Pixie League game against A&W. The fielder is A&W’s Ellis Appling. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register

Junior Pixie League

J&J Contractors 20, A&W Restaurant 7. Hits for J&J: Juliana Nelson, 3 s; Maya Conley, 3 s; Charlee Granere, 4 s; Quinn Trammell, 4 s; Palmer Knight, 4 s; Aubrey Buck, 4 s; Aubrey Brown, 4 s; Elcie Manbeck, 3 s. Quinn Jensen, 3 s. Hits for A&W: Kodi Barnett, 4 s; Ellie Appling, 3 s; Willa Sigg, 3 s; Rylie Appling, 3 s; Finley Mueller, 3 s.

Sigg Motors 15, Sonic Drive-In 7. Hits for Sigg Motors: Quincy Whitworth, 2 s; Ava Hesse, 2 s, d; Joliee Westervelt, 3 s; Jayde Flory, 3 s; Ellie Sigg, 2 s, d; Oakley Williams, 3 s; Nova Bishop, 3 s; Marlee Fehr, 3 s. Harper Gabbert, s. Hits for Sonic: Kenlee Stewart, 2 s; Nellie Sigg, 3 s; Sadie Appling S; Mackenzie Heffern, 3 s; Tyen McKarnin, 3 s; Monroe Ashmore, 32 s; Stormi Yoder, 3 s; Jeni, 2 s.

Fisher Frazell bats for Personal Service Insurance during a Bitty Ball League game Tuesday at Iola’s Riverside Park. Photo by Richard Luken
Bentlee Patterson runs the bases for Manbeck Law Office during a Bitty Ball League game Tuesday at Iola’s Riverside Park. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register
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PIgtail League

Sigg Motors 20, Terry Sparks State Farm 17. Hits for Sigg Motors: Emery Sigg, 2 s, d, 2 t; Raina Borjas, 3 s, d; Shakyia Trester, 4 s; Elisa Irby, 2 s; Scarlett Murry, 3 s; Braylee Bartholomew, 2 s; Viviana Vargas-Garcia, 4 s; Lucia Vega, 4 s. Hits for State Farm: Riley McGinnis, 2 s; Olivia Weber, 3 s, 2 d; Cameron Vaughn, 5 s; Timberlyn Chapman, 4 s; Khloe Pulley, 4 s; Clara Belinski, 2 s; Kloui Slater, 4 s; Ellie Sigg, 4 s.

Bitty Ball League

Personal Service Insurance 16, Manbeck Law Office 9. Hits for PSI: Gavin Granere, 4 s; Fisher Frazell, 2 s, d; Parker McKarnin, 2 , 2 hr; Gensen Sinclair, 4 s; Henry Gabbert, 2 s; Lincoln Smith, 2 s; Jett Rice, 2 s; Isaac Mentzer, 3 s. Hits for Manbeck Law: Evan Cromer, 2 s; Bentlee Patterson, 3 s, hr; Waylon Burton, 3 s; Cohen Sigg, 3 s; Grayson Lisher, 4 s; Aidan Martin, s; Case Mentzer, s.

Iola Masonic Lodge 10, Landmark National Bank 8. Hits for Iola Masonic Lodge: Jentry Mueller, 3 s; Easton Mueller, 2 s; Archie Specht, 3 s; Easton Rutherford, 4 s; Kanyon Blaufuss, 3 s; Jace Lacrone, 2 s; Oliver Luken, 2 s. Hits for Landmark: Brigham Smith, 4 s; Gannon Weide, s; Josh Wilson, s; Jamison Ericson, 4 s; Lincoln McCullough, 2 s; Ellis Ashmore, s; Declan Springer, 2 s; Bryer Hutton, 2 s.

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