Wildcats host Cubs and Titans for JV volleyball



September 12, 2018 - 11:09 AM

Marmaton Valley hosted its junior varsity volleyball tournament on Saturday.
Humboldt went undefeated and took first followed by second-place Uniontown, third-place Southern Coffey County, fourth-place Marmaton Valley, fifth-place Pleasanton and sixth-place Northeast-Arma.
Humboldt beat Marmaton Valley in two sets 27-25 and 25-9. Isabelle Murrow had eight aces and Jessica Myers had two kills.
They then beat Uniontown 25-12, 23-25 and 16-14. Kirstyn Murrow had seven aces and Isabelle Murrow and Roni Bulk each had six. Myers had five kills.
Humboldt downed Southern Coffey County 25-15 and 25-3. Murrow had seven aces and Bulk had six. Kady Hart had five kills.
They beat Pleasanton 25-18 and 25-9. Myers had 10 aces and eight kills in the match and Bulk had nine assists.
Lastly, the Lady Cubs took down Northeast-Arma 25-17 and 25-17. Kirstyn Murrow had six aces and Myers and Isabelle Murrow each had four kills. Bulk had six assists.
Meanwhile, Marmaton Valley started off its 3-2 day with a loss to Humboldt 27-25 and 25-8. Aly Ard had six kills and Kaylee Becker had five assists.
They then fell 25-23 and 25-18 to Southern Coffey County. Ard had four kills and two aces and Kendall Scharff had three aces and a kill. Haylee Meiwes had three kills.
They got on track after that by sweeping Northeast-Arma 25-12 and 25-15. Ard had eight aces and two kills and Cadience Cook had two aces and two kills.
They followed that up with a win over Uniontown 25-19 and 25-21. Ard had five kills and Meiwes had four.
They wrapped things up with a sweep over Altoona-Midway 25-16 and 25-4. Tea Smith had seven aces, Scharff had seven aces and three kills and Becca Reiter had four aces.
Southern Coffey County ended the day with a 3-2 record, beating Marmaton Valley (25-23, 25-18), Northeast-Arma (25-11 and 29-17) and Pleasanton (25-11 and 26-24) and falling to Humboldt (25-15 and 25-3) and Uniontown (25-21 and 25-15).

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