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“We hope to so thoroughly identify the register with the welfare that its support will be a necessity. We have cast our lot with Iola and Allen County, and it is our purpose first and foremost to labor for their growth and prosperity.”

- Charles F. Scott, founder

Celebrating over 150 years of recording your history.
1867 - 2020

The Register was first located at the corner of Washington and Madison. In 1882 the Iola Opera House, which seated 500, was located on the second floor.

The Register was moved into its two-story brick building at 302 S. Washington in April 1926. For years the front of the building was swathed in ivy, until it was deemed hazardous to the building’s integrity, not to mention the cacophony from the nesting birds began to grate on the publisher’s nerves.

The Iola Register began as the weekly Neosho Valley Register in 1867. Charles F. Scoot Purchased the paper in 1882 and renamed it The Iola Register. The Register transitioned from a weekly to a daily in 1897. It has remained in the same family for four generations.

Four Generations of Editors

Charles F. Scott

Editor & Publisher

1882 - 1938

Angelo C. Scott

Editor & Publisher

1938 - 1966

Emerson E. Lynn

Editor & Publisher

1966 - 2001

Susan Lynn

Editor & Publisher

2001 - Present

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