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Registered explores the people and places that make Allen County, Kansas a special place to live. The views from Allen County, produced by The Iola Register.

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Kurt Jackson’s quest: Add value to life. Every single day.

In this week’s episode, we speak with Kurt Jackson of Yates Center. Kurt is a youth motivational speaker and life coach. Our conversation with him--which touched on his battles with depression and alcohol and his journey to health— was originally broadcast via Facebook Live and is part of our effort to recognize May as Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s also a testament to the power of candidly discussing mental health issues.

Pregnant in the midst of a pandemic

Iola residents Katie Mitchell and Kyle Lovseth share what it’s like to be expecting a child in the midst of a pandemic. Katie, a Sociology professor at Allen Community College, is 31 weeks pregnant. She and Kyle are expecting their first child.

Now more than ever, Lisse Regehr sees an Allen County that’s coming together

Register reporter Trevor Hoag, editor Susan Lynn and Tim Stauffer sit down with Lisse Regehr, the CEO of Thrive Allen County, to discuss what she’s hearing from Allen County businesses and individuals in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and what Thrive is doing to help.

Next year, Regina Chriestenson plans to savor every moment.

We speak with Regina Chriestenson, the speech and drama instructor at Iola High School, on how she and her students have dealt with the abrupt end to their school year, and for her seniors, their entire high school careers.

Dr. Brian Wolfe can't say it enough: Wash. Your. Hands.

Dr. Brian Wolfe of Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas answers our questions about COVID-19 and offers insights on how to best protect ourselves here in Allen County.

Savannah Flory on her visions for TLC Garden Center and her beloved LaHarpe

Tim Stauffer sits down with Savannah Flory of TLC Garden Center to discuss the life of a small business owner committed to building a stronger LaHarpe.

Ray Maloney and how to build a workforce for the future

Richard Luken and Tim Stauffer sit down with Ray Maloney of Ray's Metal Depot to discuss his efforts to train Allen County's workforce and prepare our kids for the future. He discussed his role in the Regional Rural Tech Center, a USD 257 school bond issue and a new initiative to build tiny homes in LaHarpe.

Step back, slow down: An interview with Dr. Wright of SEK Mental Health

Tim Stauffer sat down with Dr. Doug Wright, Clinical Director with SEK Mental Health Center, to talk about how stress affects families and how best to manage it. Check out for more info.

When a pool isn't just a pool

Tim Stauffer sat down with Susan Lynn, Register editor and publisher, and Trevor Hoag, our newest reporter, to review what happened at Allen Community College's public forum this Monday and what the next steps may be as the college considers its new activities center.

Don Bain: The luckiest guy in the world

This Valentine's Day, Don Bain, a longtime educator, principal and superintendent for USD 257, will be honored between the girls and boys basketball games at Iola High School. In this special episode, Tim Stauffer spoke with Richard Luken about his recent interview with "the luckiest guy in the world."

Erica Stoll and LaHarpe's bet on new housing

Erica Stoll and Richard Luken, both of LaHarpe Pride, and Marcia Davis of Thrive Allen County, discuss LaHarpe's latest effort to bring new housing to town.

Linda Womelsdorf

Tim Stauffer sits down with Linda Womelsdorf to talk about her role as the Health and Wellness Director of LaHarpe, KS.

Sonny and Sandy Northcutt

Hosts Richard Luken and Tim Stauffer had a wonderful conversation with longtime LaHarpe residents Sonny and Sandy Northcutt.

Ella Mae Crowell

In this week's podcast, we sit down with Ella Mae Crowell, the mayor of LaHarpe.

Richard Luken

For our second episode, we sat down with longtime LaHarpe Pride member (and Register reporter) Richard Luken. Special Guest: Richard Luken.

Rosetta Greathouse

For our first epidose of REAL Talk, we sat down with LaHarpe resident Rosetta Greathouse. Special Guest: Rosetta Greathouse.