The Iola Register Archives

For over 150 years, the Register has documented life in Iola and Allen County.

The thousands of pages of newsprint we’ve published contain the first draft of our community’s history. In countless instances, we’ve told stories no one else has, covering events both monumental and others seemingly inconsequential.

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Yet it’s all important. It all matters. The birth announcements and county fairs and church suppers form the fabric that makes us who we are. Stories like these define our community, and it’s been an immense source of pride to be able to share them.

And now, we are thrilled to write, they’re all in one place.

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Beginning in 2018, the Register began working with the Kansas State Historical Society to digitize over a century’s worth of our archives, dating all the way back to 1875. We now offer these digital archives for our subscribers.

We’ve accumulated over 348,550 pages spanning from 1875 to 2014, and we’re not done yet. Two small gaps remain: July-December of 1965 and January-June of 1970. Current plans forecast their completion later this year.

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