A look back in time


January 17, 2019 - 9:18 AM

50 Years Ago
January 1969
Cindy’s Flower Shop, owned and operated by Jack Jeffery, has switched locations on the north side of the square and is in the midst of major revamping. The shop, formerly Virginia’s Flowers, was located at the northwest corner of Jefferson and Jackson until last week when it was moved to 8 W. Jackson, where Elmer Powell Real Estate Agency was located. Tentatively, the vacated former flower shop adjacent to the Dine Out Cafe, operated by Mrs. Ethel Ekstrom, will be re-made into a dining room for the restaurant.

9 — Plans have been made for a public ceremony Monday in the district courtroom for the swearing in of Robert J. Stadler as the judge of division No. 2 of the newly established Fourth Kansas Judicial District. At noon of that day the old 37th Judicial District, composed of Allen and Woodson counties, will pass out of existence. Spencer A. Gard, incumbent judge, will retire after more than 18 years on the bench, the longest tenure of any of the six judges who have served the district in the 66 years of its existence. The new district includes six counties which will be served by three district judges. The counties are: Allen, Anderson, Franklin, Woodson, Osage and Coffey.

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