A Look Back in Time – April 1955


April 2, 2020 - 10:29 AM

Youngsters Pete Goldsmith and Betsy Schlanger received their first polio shots in May 1955. Dr. R.O. Christian administered Pete’s shot; Dr. Frank Lenski was with Betsy. The vaccine developed by Dr. Jonas E. Salk virtually ended the icy fear that long had gripped the hearts of parents. Photo by Excerpted from The Chronicles of Allen County: 1945-2000.

65 Years Ago

An unidentified motorist backed into a gas meter on West Street here early Sunday morning. Gas then seeped into the Iola Milling Company office. According to Fire Chief Ray Chard, a pilot light on a heater in the office ignited the gas, creating a king-sized explosion. The explosion showered glass over a 50-foot area. The force of the explosion was sufficient to lift the southern two-thirds of the building clear off its moorings, and move it over three inches. No immediate estimates on damage were available. Jake Elliott is the owner of the Milling Company.


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