A look back in time – June 1966

55 Years Ago


June 18, 2021 - 12:15 PM

Sixty-four elm trees on public rights-of-way throughout the city will be cut down in an effort to slow the spread of Dutch elm disease. City superintendent of utilities Jim Wilson said that it appears there are at least 100 elms on private property that are infected and should also be cut down. The city is not removing those, he said.


Spontaneous combustion caused by tightly packed green alfalfa was blamed by rural fire district officials for a fire that destroyed a large barn, fertilizer shed, fencing and part of a field of wheat on the Ivan Strickler dairy farm northeast of Iola this morning. The fire was first detected as smoke rose from deep within more than 100 tons of hay stored in the barn. About 15 tons of hay were saved. The other buildings in the complex were saved by firemen who kept the roofs wet.

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