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March 15, 2022 - 4:04 PM

Darren McGhee gave the meditation last Sunday on our attitude about communion. Communion is a time for thanksgiving, knowing that Jesus is in our presence. If Jesus isn’t here, this isn’t church, we’re not truly worshiping, and we’re wasting our time. Are we here in His name, or out of duty? Are we here to see Jesus, or to be seen by others? Are we here to honor, praise and glorify Him? Let’s start making our communion service a time for counting our blessings. 

Ben Prasko’s sermon was about the life of Job, a man of complete integrity. He had wealth, a large family, land, and animals. Satan causes him to lose everything! His friends told him that bad things happen to bad people. Job takes his case straight to God, but God asks him, “Do you know how the eagle flies, do you know how the deer gives birth, do you know how I formed the land and split the seas?” This overwhelms and humbles Job. God’s ways are beyond our comprehension and we’ll never know God’s big picture. 

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