The county fair is coming

The Allen County fair in Iola is slated for July 28-July 31.  


Around Town

July 5, 2022 - 2:47 PM

Raveyn Kegler celebrates after winning grand champion dairy goat in her division at the 2021 Allen County Fair. FILE PHOTO

The Allen County Fair is an exciting time for 4-H and FFA members and the surrounding community. It is an opportunity to showcase the handiwork they have made and show the animals they have worked with for months leading up to the fair season.

Through their various projects with these youth programs, the members have “learned by doing.” They have learned how to work with others, learned to make decisions, and take responsibility to complete their projects. At the county fair, their projects are judged on their quality of workmanship, ingenuity, and skills learned throughout the project.

While competition is an important part of the fair, the real experience for these youth members lies in competing to better their own skills. It is exciting to win ribbons and trophies, but sometimes the lessons learned by those who don’t win are the most valuable. Not only are important things learned about their projects, they learn more about themselves. Growth takes place by learning from mistakes. Being a good sport when you don’t quite make the mark you would have liked, is often one of the best life lessons that can be learned.

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