Trust is vital for all types of relationships

Trust always makes the list in characteristics of leaders. Show you are trustworthy by being responsible.


Around Town

June 3, 2020 - 9:36 AM

From the Kansas State University website, “K-State Research and Extension is a partnership between Kansas State University and the federal, state, and county governments. Research completed is used by extension agents and others to help solve community issues.” Although the word “trust” isn’t in our mission statement, it is a vital part of the extension relationship on a local level. It is also a word that I personally value, and certainly a topic worthy of further discussion. 

There are two parts to trust: an intangible, “feeling” part and a performance record that confirms this trust. An active feeling of trust is confidence in leadership, indicated in ability and integrity. Trust is also expressed by the absence of worry or suspicion. Productive relationships are already based on trust, sometimes unrecognized and frequently taken for granted. The track record is a confirmation of well-placed trust.

Trust is a vital ingredient in all relationships. If you find it hard to trust someone, you are less likely to talk to that person. But, a relationship built on mutual trust is marked by open communication and fewer arguments. It’s the feeling of safety you have with another human being. 

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