Caring for others, caring for yourself



February 7, 2019 - 9:30 AM

Dear Carolyn: My husband is broken — there is no other way to put it. Years of chronic pain led to multiple surgeries with extended hospital stays. Physically and mentally he is worn out. He hasn’t worked in two years, so he relies on me for everything.

By some miracle, he is getting better. He is determined to return to his prior job, which he loved but is most likely unrealistic. Our bank account — and my emotional bank account — needs his contribution. I want to be encouraging, despite being very, very tired of being his cheerleader. There is a chance he could get his job and life back, but it will be a long, difficult road.

I feel like putting all the cards on the table. I think we have to admit — out loud — that he is broken, weak, traumatized and far away from where he wants to be.

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