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Pastor Riebel reviews the story of Daniel's captivity in Babylon with Colony Christian Church congregation.


July 1, 2024 - 2:03 PM

Pastor Chase Riebel walked the congregation Sunday through the lessons learned from last week’s Vacation Bible School about Daniel’s captivity in Babylon. Psalm 46:1 is helpful in situations such as Daniel was in, where forced to live in a foreign land and fed to the lions for his beliefs, Daniel still trusted God with all his heart.

Lexy Langworthy led worship music accompanied by Anna Riebel and Mike Billings. Ben Prasko was on keyboard and Ethan Prasko the percussion.

Howard Reiter’s communion meditation was “Does God Care?” from Mark 14:32-42. God’s hand is in everything so we can leave everything to him.

Erika Billings discussed the TaNaK, the Torah, plus the books of the prophets along with other writings that Jesus would have read and used.