Colony church


December 24, 2019 - 9:23 AM

Howard Reiter gave the Communion Meditation at Sunday’s Colony Christian Church service.

Many times we are ungrateful for what God has given us and want more, he noted. We feel that God owes us. He doesn’t owe us, but gives us everything. Each day is one more gift from God, and we should live to please him. A gift from God to be lived For God. Colossians 1:9-14

Pastor Chase Riebel gave the sermon, “Christmas!” The angel brought the Good News to the shepherds, telling them about the birth of Jesus. This good news would bring joy to all people, and joy is an essential element of Christmas. Jesus said he was the light of the world. Not like a Christmas candle that is easily blown out, or like Christmas lights that blink off and on, but a light that shines in our dark world. Be a messenger in your community, workplace and everywhere you go. Accept the gift! (Ref: Luke 2:8-20, Romans 1:21-32, Matthew 1:21)

Men’s Bible study is at 7 a.m. Tuesday. Movie night is at 6:30 p.m., Saturday.