Estranged father seeks reconciliation

"It would be bad enough if you tried to get access to your son through this emotional back door — but trying it to gain access to your granddaughter?"



August 4, 2020 - 10:07 AM

Photo by Robert Michael/DPA via ZUMA Press/TNS

Hi, Carolyn: I have been estranged from my son for about 12 years; he refuses to have any contact with me. It was his decision soon after I divorced his mother.

Carolyn HaxCourtesy photo

Ironically, a few years after that, my son was divorced from his first wife. He is now remarried. I learned recently he and his second wife just had a baby, my granddaughter.

I am thinking of corresponding with his wife to convince her that I should be able to see my granddaughter. Such attempts could create friction in my son’s marriage.

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