Grandchild is an absolute terror

So while I sympathize, I beg you to find ways to meet this grandchild where she is. Get the show out of confined, sit-still places and take it on the road to (pandemic-safe) play gyms, parks, hiking trails, water parks, climbing gyms, whatever you can find that allows gross-motor release.



February 12, 2021 - 11:18 AM

Hello, Carolyn: My husband and I really cannot stand our grandchild. The child is loud, intrusive, screams, runs, climbs on the furniture, demands attention, interrupts, cannot sit still . . . and she’s A GIRL!!!! Usually this behavior is associated with ADHD boys. We find even 20-minute video chats exhausting. All we want are two-minute videos and still photos, and to send checks for birthdays and Christmas. The other grandparents seem to be just fine with, and perhaps even adore and encourage, the child’s behavior, so we’re glad to defer all the holidays to them.

Can you suggest a tactful way for us to keep our sanity? 

— Can’t Stand Our Grandchild

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