His pressure to cheat quarantine reveals selfishness

"Since the pandemic is currently months old and your relationship years old, you can do the math: You’re underreacting to selfishness and manipulation he has displayed for you, right there on the outside, since the very beginning."



May 6, 2020 - 10:16 AM

Dear Carolyn: I’m a middle-aged, longtime-divorced, peaceful, content woman. I was pressured into dating a recently divorced man in his 60s; I wanted friendship, he wanted romance. We’ve been dating a few years, but had repeated issues with his constant push/desire for sexual intimacy, it’s never enough, while I keep telling him we need a friendship first.

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We were fine visiting each other weekly, in neighboring counties, even when covid social distancing began, and we have both worked from home.

Recently his boss said he had to go into his office 20 hours a week, and he said yes. I was upset because a co-worker his age died of covid and another co-worker tested positive. He is retired with a nice pension but likes the lifestyle he can afford with the second job.

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