How to get immediate help for depression



October 21, 2019 - 10:02 AM

Dear Carolyn: I suffer from depression that has been fairly well controlled until recently. The past couple of weeks, I’m having a terrible episode, to where I’m really not sure I want to go on living. I know I need to see a therapist, but I’ve gone down the list of therapists in my insurance provider’s directory and I can’t get anyone to return my calls. I’ve called and left messages for over a dozen so far and I can’t get an appointment.

I no longer live in the state where my original doctor was years ago, so I can’t see her anymore. I can’t afford to pay out of pocket. I don’t have any friends or family who can or are willing to help me make calls and find someone.

It was so hard to get motivated to do this to begin with, and I’m at the verge of just giving up entirely. Is there anything else I can do? — At the Verge

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