How to keep honey-do from going bad



February 22, 2019 - 9:41 PM

Dear Carolyn: I am extremely Type A — organized, motivated, mind always on. I am also very particular about things around the house. My husband (of one month) is much more laid-back, a trait I otherwise prize in him. He is extremely willing to help me around the house and asks me nearly every day what he can do to help.

What I really need is to not have to tell him. I need him to share in my mental load and take responsibility for things without having to be told. I recognize my own role in this as someone who is so Type A and overbearing that it’s probably hard for him to find his way.

How do I let go and let him step up? I thought about making a list of all the tasks that go into running the house just so he could see it laid out, but that just felt like more work to me.

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