Husband commits, wife fixes



January 4, 2019 - 4:15 PM

Dear Carolyn: Without consulting me, my husband committed himself, me and our infant to spending a week at the beach with his sister and her family next summer. The sister made plans and spent several hundred dollars preparing for this trip.

My husband only just got around to telling me, and as it turns out I cannot go — I have unbreakable plans at the same time — which means the baby also cannot go. My husband, therefore, does not want to go.

My question is, how to break this news to the sister in a way that doesn’t totally throw my husband under the bus? I am tired of always looking like the bad guy — this is the third or fourth time we’ve had a misunderstanding like this involving the sister — and annoyed that I have to be the one to fix it. — Mrs. Fix-It

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