In-laws give kids unequal gifts



February 9, 2021 - 4:19 PM

Dear Carolyn: Here we go again. My husband’s family has two nephews to buy presents for, our two boys. Our older was and is the darling of all my in-laws and has many interests they share. Our younger is simply neither of those.

Most of these relatives give our older son flashier and more expensive presents, and the younger, 13, clued into this last year. Think fancy Bluetooth speaker vs. bean bag chair, at a $100 difference. Even my mother-in-law gives them different amounts of cash for birthdays, rationalizing the older needs it more. Argh!

I was raised by parents who saw equal amounts spent as fair. Husband was not, and is loath to make waves. If our younger son were unfazed by repeat unequal gifts, then I’d bite my tongue — and slip in some extra cash to make things equal — but he’s not. What to do?

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