Initiating the de-Santafication of Christmas


December 14, 2018 - 3:10 PM

Hi, Carolyn: My son is 7 and still believes in Santa, that Santa makes toys in his workshop, all of it. He asked Santa for a hoverboard, an iPhone and a $200 robot. I simply cannot afford these things, and he wouldn’t get a phone at his age anyway. He’ll be getting plenty of other gifts from Santa, me and relatives, but I’m already heartbroken at the thought of his disappointment on Christmas morning when he sees he didn’t get what he asked for. Is there a way to handle this without ruining the Santa fantasy? -— Not Santa

Answer: Seems to me the Santa fantasy has ruined the Santa fantasy, and so it’s hard to see a good reason to keep it going.

It’s too late to change this year, but you can pre-empt next year’s Santa disappointments by starting the de-Santafication process now. Be a little less awesome at maintaining the facade and use the same wrapping paper and handwriting for your gifts from “Santa” and from you. Letting him piece it together himself is so much better than what would effectively be a “JK! We yanked your chain for years.”

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