July management considerations

K-State Research and Extension Cow-Calf Specialist Jason Warner gives advice to cattle producers thinking about cow herd management.



July 1, 2024 - 2:09 PM


As July creeps up on cattle producers in the Southwind District, much of the attention is set to continue baling winter feed. While this is true, there are also cow herd management decisions to think about.

Jason Warner, K-State Research and Extension Cow-Calf Specialist, offers some insight on what we need to watch for in July:

Cow Herd Management

For spring-calving cow herds:

• Score cows for BCS concurrent with grass growth.

• 2-4 year old females and thin females will respond most to early-weaning.

• If you plan to early-wean, develop your plan for feeding and marketing calves. Prepare weaning/receiving pens and waterers in advance.

• If feeding early-weaned calves, test your forages and have your ration plan and ingredients in place 2-3 weeks prior to weaning.

• Schedule early pregnancy checking activities if not already done.

For late-summer and early-fall calving cow herds:

• Evaluate cows for BCS and adjust your plan to ensure mature cows are ≥ 5.0 and 2-4 year old females are ≥ 6.0 at calving.

• The final 60 days prior to calving represents the last opportunity to add BCS economically.

• Review your calving health protocols as needed.

Closely manage free-choice salt and mineral programs

• Record date and amount of salt and mineral offered and calculate herd consumption on a pasture or group basis.

• Adjust how you are offering product to cattle if needed to achieve target intake.

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