Keep your kitchen clean

It may be too early for spring cleaning, but it's never too early to clean your kitchen.
There are several steps to take now to keep your food prep workspace spic and span.



February 11, 2020 - 10:43 AM

Kitchens typically get a workout during the holidays and on Super Bowl Sunday.  Since those are past, now is a great time to choose an inside day or two to clean.

I suggest removing all items from one or two cupboards at a time before washing the cupboard, inside and outside. Allow time for the cupboards to air dry, and then check the cupboards for cracks or holes that will need to be caulked to protect foods from insect or rodent damage.  Wash re-usable shelf-liners and dry completely before replacing foods. 

Discard food products with any signs of insect or other damage, such as a dented can or a cracked glass jar. Sort products by type and date, and look for a “Use-By” date to indicate when to expect a product to lose its food quality, flavor and texture.

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