Be sure to spray oil on your dormant fruit trees

A dormant oil spray is imperative to keep diseases and insects from infecting fruit trees, Extension agent Krista Harding notes. The Extension office has several materials available to further detail what sprays to use and when.



March 2, 2021 - 9:20 AM

Winter is still holding on, although I’m optimistic spring is within sight. 

Hopefully we will get some nice warm days here in March since February didn’t have very many to offer us. When we do, have your dormant oil sprays ready for application.

There are a number of dormant sprays used on fruit trees and other plants to control various diseases and insects. However, a dormant oil spray is designed to control scale insects, aphids and mites. Just like the name implies, dormant oils are applied before the tree begins to bud. Dormant oil sprays are important because some pests attack before visible growth even begins. If you have a problem with scale, now is the time to start watching the weather and look for an opportunity to spray. 

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